Volvo Graduate Program

You've worked hard to earn your degree. Here at Montrose Volvo Cars Cleveland, we would like to reward you with a new Volvo model. Our College Graduate Program is designed to help qualified customers buy or lease a new Volvo. With our flexible and and competitive financing options, we can help you drive off in a Volvo and build a credit history.

Offer Highlights

  No co-signers or credit history required

  Get competitive rates even if you have limited credit history. Credit history is not required, but if you have existing credit, it must be in good standing.


You're Just 5 Easy Steps Away From a New Volvo

  1. Select a new Volvo model at the dealership or online
  2. Bring in a copy of your diploma
  3. Bring in proof of employment
  4. Complete and submit a finance application
  5. Drive off the lot in your new Volvo

Must Meet The Following Requirements

  Graduated from a college or university

  You have a full-time (permanent) job

  Requires only a 5% down payment (with credit approval)

Please Bring These Items to the Dealership

  Your valid driver's license

  A copy of your degree from your college or university

  Proof of income and full-time employment


Benefits of Buying a Volvo

  • Interest rates could be as low as 0% APR
  • After you complete your payment schedule, your trade-in value can put you in an equity position while purchasing your next vehicle
  • Don't have to worry about mileage overage fees or customization limits

Benefits of Leasing a Volvo

  • Monthly payments may be lower because you're driving a vehicle for a specific time period
  • Ability to drive a new model every few years
  • No effect on trade-in

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